The community of Bungoma, Kenya came together in 2002 to begin to address the vast needs of the scores of children that were living alone on the streets of their city. An extensive research project was launched to analize the best way to effectively reach this population of children and a significant piece of what was discovered in this collaboration was the need for a rescue center for children who could not be reunited with their families.  In 2005, in partnership with the community, we purchased land and began developing what is known today as the Children’s Rescue Center.

On the property we have two homes built and the foundation for two others laid. One home is currently operating as a guest home for visitors and staff, as well as serving as temporary transitional housing for our older children who are moving into adulthood. And our other home is bustling with twelve vibrant and active children who were formerly orphaned or abandoned. The home is run by a lovely Kenyan couple, and the healing and life that flows from this new “family” is truly beautiful to see. In addition to the “home” the property also includes a large successful fruit and vegetable garden, dairy cows, and chickens. Not only are the children learning skills in these arenas but the property is generating enough income to nearly be entirely self-sustaining.  Our goal is to build two additional homes on our property in the next five years.